December workday

The last workday of the year is this Saturday, 8th December008
Meet on the Green, near the large noticeboard from 10.30am
Depending on weather , we should be there until 1.30 pm.
Tasks are cutting back or digging up brambles, trimming long grass around fruit trees and around the pond and clearing litter.
Help look after your Green!
All welcome.

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Celebrating the new pond

Thanks Bruno for making this happen, thanks Forest Hill Assembly for the support, and thanks Melissa for organising yesterday’s party!


With a reserve for long terms maintenance, and the engagement local residents, we have a sustainable future for our new pond.  For more photos from the party

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The FT on the value of urban parks

Interesting article in last Saturday’s Financial Times:

How to save parks and other urban green spaces

As it says:

while urban parks lubricate property prices and local business, they struggle to make a penny for their own futures.

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The Old Pond after Storm Imogen

After last night’s storm, it doesn’t look as if the old pond, whose liner has been punctured by dogs, actually needs replacing

Pond after Imogen

(But of course it does!)

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Looking ahead to 2016

Yes – still here, as is the Green, of course, and these male hazel catkins*.  And looking forward to our AGM at Forest Hill Pools, Saturday 13th, 11.00.

Hazel catkins

Meanwhile we are working on a vision for 2016, to be shared with Friends and neighbours.

* and the less showy female flowers too, whence will develop some hazel nuts.


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Bio-Diversity in our Brambles and Nettles


Dear Friends, here are some of the creatures that dwell in our many nettle and bramble patches. Leaf beetles, Jersey  Tiger Moth, Large Skipper and gatekeeper butterflies are a few that depend on the blossom and leaf cover. Birds and humans share the blackberries.


Jersey Tiger Moth above.

20150725_110050 IMG_0507 IMG_0514 IMG_2788Large Skipper above, Gatekeepers below.IMG_2888

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Art Installations on Albion Millennium Green


Above: Nest by Nathalie Hauwelle and Participants including Holy Trinity School at Little Ecological Arts Festival (LEAF), May 2013. Click here for a video showing the construction of the nest. The photo above also shows the amazing path restoration begun at the festival and continued by Richard. Click here for a 6 min video showing the LEAF event that began the path restoration: “Where Do We Go From Here?”


IMG_1529 copy




Above: Labyrinth by Maria Strutz and participants at LEAF. The installation bears witness to its own use as footprints suppress weed and moss growth emphasising the edges of the pathway. Click here for a video showing the construction of this walkable sculpture. Below, Labyrinth and Chapunga Bird (2013) by Maria Strutz

maria strutz labyrinth and sculpture web



labyrinth visible from space

Above: Labyrinth from the ground and from the airmaria strutz labyrinth and sculpture


Above and Below: Cameron, (our lawn mower chief) adds to an improvised installation

DSC_0029 IMG_1543

Above: According to my 16 year-old stepson, “SWAG” means “Very Good” so I though we should keep it on the notice board by the railway for the time being.


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Spring Bloom on Albion Millennium Green

Cowslip, Hawthorn and Lilac, Primrose, English Bluebells, Pear Blossom,






hawthorn and lilac


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Work Day on Albion Millennium Green 9th May 2015

Seven volunteers dug out some blackberry and lined more pathway with logs, hoping to encourage stag beetles. Thanks to all who helped. The next work day is on Saturday 13th June.

IMG_1674 IMG_1677 IMG_1679

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Caring for the Green, April 2015

Just some photo I took following our volunteers day this month, showing both how lovely the green is looking with the primroses coming out

P1040183 (Small).JPG

but also the hard work which needs doing, digging out brambles

P1040182 (Small).JPG

clearing litter

P1040197 (Small).JPG

and removing the remains of the fencing from the old tennis club


P1040187 (Small).JPG


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