Report of Meeting 29th October, 2010

All in One Pub            7.30 – 9.00pm

Present: Bruno Roubicek, Quetta Kaye, Ann Field, Roz Paker, Tim Lund, Richard Hibbert. Apologies John Thomson, Sara Russett

  1. Local resident, Sara Russet has offered to plant 2 Russet apple trees adjacent to existing apple orchard. She asked to plant them in honour of the recent birth of her daughter. All thought it an excellent idea and maybe something  that would make an interesting article for Sydenham radio and local press. Encouraging families to plant a tree to mark a new birth may be something we could encourage on a more wide ranging scale.
  2. Natures Gym are working on the Green on 25th November.  After a discussion it was agreed that they should:
    1. Tidy up orchard trees including weeding and replacing feeding tubes.
    2. Cut back and dig up brambles around the site
    3. If there is time we could start to dig the possible dew pond now marked on interactive map.

    Date will go on Forest Hill and Syd Soc news update and Bruno will send reminders nearer the time

  3. Dew Pond in Northern section near damson orchard was agreed as a worthwhile project for development.
  4. Tim and Richard agreed to start a web-site for the Green
  5. Boundary Hedge. It was agreed that we should simply start planting hedgerow along the boundary with Albion Villas Road along the line of the collapsed brick wall. Suggested varieties include hawthorn, pyrocanthus, hornbeam hedging. The Horniman triangle is having hawthorn planted, so maybe we can get some cheaply. Quetta will look into this and Ann will look into removing the sycamore trees that currently block the route of the hedge. We agreed the Sycamores need removing but are aware that permission will need to be gained.
  6. Constitution. Anne outlined a constitution designed for voluntary organisations such as ourselves. A bank account would be used for funds and we would have a more formal structure to work in conjunction with the existing owner of the land, to be found at:

    I have just noticed that accounts have not been submitted since Feb 2009. This is surely a cause for concern?

    Ignoring the above for now, the amended version of the constitution has been distributed by Ann. Ask her if you would like to see a copy.

    We agreed a suggested membership fee of £5.00 per year for each Friend.

  7. Suggested May Day event on 8th May. Among other ideas, a return of Bedlam Bunch and possibly the Morris Dancers was thought a good idea. To be considered further.
  8. We are £180 in credit , (money currently in Bruno’s personal bank account). Bruno asked if we could buy a chain saw to help us control dead wood and also possibly sell logs to raise funds. I believe we thought a chain saw a good idea, though if anyone objects, please let me know.
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