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Hello all,
The Green has had another busy period.

Following on from oak planting, Holy Trinity School have been showing their talents on the Green as weasels in “Wind in The Willows”. The last show is on Saturday 9th July at 6.30pm. The Community Orchard is bearing fruit and the wild meadow areas have provided a wealth of flora and fauna. The end of the collapsed wall on the boundary with Albion Villas Road has been properly pillared and finished to prevent further collapse, (thanks to local bricky, John). On the negative side, we had an apple tree taken from the green but we have also had an additional two apple trees planted by The Russets.

I am intending to apply for funding to erect a rural style fence and hedging along the boundary with Albion Villas Road. I will be applying to the Forest Hill Assembly Fund (formerly Mayor’s Fund) which has just been launched. With around £45k available, I feel we have a chance to secure enough money to buy the fencing and pay 2 people a minimum wage to erect it. We will also be able to repair the existing fencing, which has started to collapse, just inside the gates at The Green end of the road.
This boundary is the first view of The Green that visitors see. Without a proper boundary, the area is prone to fly-tipping which is bad for wildlife and presents an unhappy first impression. The new fence and hedge will improve aesthetics, discourage tipping and provide valuable wildlife habitat.

The style of fence will be the same as the existing 3 rail posts, except I am intending to use oak fence posts. And we will plant wildlife friendly hedging along the inside line of the new fence to add to the hedging already planted there by Nature’s Gym. I am in the process of costing the materials but I imagine I will apply for between £1,500 and £1,750. This is roughly split 50% for labour and 50% materials. If anyone has a way of getting this done more cheaply, please let me know. The new fence is approximately 32 metres long and we need 9 new rails to repair The Green end fence.
I will be opening a bank account at the co-op bank to receive the money, (and pay in remaining monies from May Day), as I am not sure if the Trust account is still active. I would like to ask Ann Field if she would be a second signatory for the account.

Here are details of how the grant will be approved:

The next Forest Hill Assembly is on Sunday 14 August 2011 from 2pm – 4.30pm at Sydenham School on Dartmouth Road SE26 4RD, all applicants for the Assembly Fund must be prepared to attend this assembly. You will be provided with a stall / table and after the formal assembly business, attendees will be encouraged to walk around the stalls and talk to all the applicants about their project and why they feel it should be funded, so there will be no formal presentations at this assembly. The attendees will then be asked to rank their favourite projects so that they can establish which proposals the assembly wishes to fund.

So please put this date in your diary and try and make it along. I would like to spend around £50.00 to print some display materiel which will be useful for this and future applications. I imagine 3 or 4 large poster size pages with photos and blurb about The Green: current and past events and projects.

Please let me know if you can offer any help or support for this bid.

Best wishes,

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