tadpoles 2tadpoles grow up

Tadpoles grow up 31st May 2014



We’ve made a small movie, but still working on how to get it on line

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2 Responses to Tadpoles

  1. Ruth says:

    A local primary school is removing tadpoles from the pond to keep in unsuitable conditions in classrooms where they eventually die.
    Please put up notices to protect them.

    • Bruno says:

      Hello Ruth and thanks for your comment and concern about the tadpoles. It is a shame that people feel they can take tadpoles out of the pond. We have another bigger problem with dogs going into the pond and causing terrible damage to the fauna and flora. Having said that, there are hundreds of little frogs hopping around on the green this year that came out of this years hatch of tadpoles. Many also get eaten by birds. We do try and keep the Green a ‘notice free’ zone, except on the notice boards and I think a notice on the notice board would be a good idea. Perhaps you would consider designing one for next spring when the tadpoles come back. All help is gratefully received as we are all volunteers and have limited time for these things. Thanks again for your concern and if you find time to make an A4 notice, you can post it to me at Flat 3, 3 Albion Villas Road, SE26 4DB and I will laminate it and put it up. Best wishes, Bruno Roubicek, Chair, Friends of Albion Millennium Green.

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