New gated access from railway path

We are delighted to report that a gate has been installed at the railway path entrance, and the pathway leading from the gate into the Green has been overlaid with wood chip.


Access to the Green from the railway path has developed unofficially from a breach in the former tennis club fencing.  With this gate we are pleased to welcome visitors on foot – and deter those wanting to dump motorcycles!

We thank the Forest Hill Assembly for its support in the funding of this gate and other improvements to the Green.

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One Response to New gated access from railway path

  1. Kath says:

    Just to say thank you for the gate as it was how I discovered this area, and was very excited to find the labyrinth. Having been lucky enough to have walked the labyrinth at Chartres and Grace Cathedral I was very happy to find one so close to home. Although I am working overseas for a while, I hope in the future to be able to do some volunteer clearing, and spend more time in this wonderful space. Thank you.

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