Albion Millennium Green – Workday, Saturday 8th June

Yellow Flag Iris

Yellow Flag Iris

The Green is looking very leafy and welcoming at the moment. Wrens are active on the site and Yellow Flag irises in flower on the pond.

The Friends next workday is on Saturday 8th June, from 10.30-1.30

Please feel free come and join us on this special site. Some of the tasks we hope to cover are:

–           pulling out more nettles, from around the path near Railway Path gate and the small noticeboard;
–           opening up the access to the pond and clearing blanket weed;
–           cutting up the large branch which has come down from the Chestnut tree, in the corner near fence with 10 Albion Villas Road;
–           more clearing around the bases of the plum and damson trees;
–           putting woodchip around the bases of the trees.

If you come, please bring gardening gloves and wear  strong shoes/boots

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