Registration and Membership

Please fill in the comment form below to tell us about you. We can then include you in occasional enewsletters telling you about events taking place on the Green, and inviting you to other meetings.  There is no charge for this.

But please also become a member, which costs £6 for waged, £3 for concessions (also free as a mark of special appreciation for some notable volunteers), you will be:

  • able to see the minutes of committee meetings
  • invited to attend committee meetings
  • allowed to vote at General Meetings, in particular electing our committee, and stand yourself is you wish
  • making a contribution to our funding, directly and as a demonstration of community support

We also welcome additional donations!

5 Responses to Registration and Membership

  1. Naomi Law says:

    Hi there, I live at the junction of Dartmouth Road and Sydenham Park Road and am interested to hear more about future plans and events!

    • Fran says:

      Hi Naomi,
      Thank you for your comment about Albion Millennium Green. I’m not sure when you left this post, but if you’d still like to get involved, we have a regular short workday on the second Saturday of the month. The first one for next year is 12th January 2019.
      We meet inside the main gate, by the noticeboard. It would be great if you could come and meet me there, have a walk around the Green and see what happens on a typical workday.Look forward to hearing from you.
      Fran Rowe 07970 696902

  2. Ged Harris says:

    Hello, having recently moved to the area we are keen to make the most of the Albion Millennium Green and so also contribute to its upkeep. I’ll transfer my partners and I’s membership fees (2 x £6) shortly.

    Kind Regards


  3. Jorella Andrews says:

    I live just along from the green and love it – thanks for all your amazing work. I’d love to get more involved and have been meaning to become a member – how do I do this?
    All best,

  4. Joel Xhaard says:

    Hi I would love to know when events or work days take place on the Green. Let me know please.
    Thanks Joel

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