Art Installations on Albion Millennium Green


Above: Nest by Nathalie Hauwelle and Participants including Holy Trinity School at Little Ecological Arts Festival (LEAF), May 2013. Click here for a video showing the construction of the nest. The photo above also shows the amazing path restoration begun at the festival and continued by Richard. Click here for a 6 min video showing the LEAF event that began the path restoration: “Where Do We Go From Here?”


IMG_1529 copy




Above: Labyrinth by Maria Strutz and participants at LEAF. The installation bears witness to its own use as footprints suppress weed and moss growth emphasising the edges of the pathway. Click here for a video showing the construction of this walkable sculpture. Below, Labyrinth and Chapunga Bird (2013) by Maria Strutz

maria strutz labyrinth and sculpture web



labyrinth visible from space

Above: Labyrinth from the ground and from the airmaria strutz labyrinth and sculpture


Above and Below: Cameron, (our lawn mower chief) adds to an improvised installation

DSC_0029 IMG_1543

Above: According to my 16 year-old stepson, “SWAG” means “Very Good” so I though we should keep it on the notice board by the railway for the time being.


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Spring Bloom on Albion Millennium Green

Cowslip, Hawthorn and Lilac, Primrose, English Bluebells, Pear Blossom,






hawthorn and lilac


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Work Day on Albion Millennium Green 9th May 2015

Seven volunteers dug out some blackberry and lined more pathway with logs, hoping to encourage stag beetles. Thanks to all who helped. The next work day is on Saturday 13th June.

IMG_1674 IMG_1677 IMG_1679

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Caring for the Green, April 2015

Just some photo I took following our volunteers day this month, showing both how lovely the green is looking with the primroses coming out

P1040183 (Small).JPG

but also the hard work which needs doing, digging out brambles

P1040182 (Small).JPG

clearing litter

P1040197 (Small).JPG

and removing the remains of the fencing from the old tennis club


P1040187 (Small).JPG


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AGM tomorrow

Members and supporters have been emailed, and this notice has been posted locally


so let’s have here a quick reminder about tomorrow’s meeting, 11.00am at the Forest Hill Pools


1. Minutes of 3rd AGM February 2014

2. Matters arising

3. Welcome and guests: Councillor Susan Wise, Lewisham

Chair’s Report: Bruno Roubicek: summary of the year’s activities

4. Environment & Landscape Report: Fran Rowe

5. Secretary’s Report: Ann Field

6. Treasurer’s Report: Tim Lund

7. Election of Committee

8. Any other business

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Friends join Trustees of Albion Millennium Green

Thank you to our friends and supporters who came to the AGM of the Albion Millennium Green Trust – the registered charity which legally owns our Green.  Here are the new Trustees, from left to right:

P1030743 (Small)

Fran Rowe (FoAMG Environment & Conservation), Steve Grindlay (local historian & original Trustee), Tim Lund (FoAMG Treasurer), Bruno Roubicek (FoAMG Chair), Cllr Susan Wise (LB Lewisham), Quetta Kaye (Forest Hill Society), Ann Field (FoAMG Secretary), Judith Standing (Holy Trinity School Head teacher)

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New gated access from railway path

We are delighted to report that a gate has been installed at the railway path entrance, and the pathway leading from the gate into the Green has been overlaid with wood chip.


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We have received a copy of the following letter from Cllr Susan Wise, in her capacity as London Borough of Lewisham Appointed Trustee of the Albion Millennium Green Trust.   Continue reading

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Thanks to the 2014 Octobrists!

Another good 2nd Saturday volunteers’ session yesterday, focusing on getting out rubbish thrown over wall from adjoining industrial estate, which LB Lewisham will be clearing from the Albion Villas Road entrance shortly.

Bruno and Fran talk, Ann works

Picture 1 of 6

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AMG Workday 11th October

We have another workday coming up next Saturday 11th October 10.30-2.30.

We will be continuing the programme of work involving bramble clearing, rubbish removal, chainlink fence removal and seasonal tasks.  There is no need to bring any tools or gloves as we have a reasonable supply now.

The regular workdays, plus tender loving care applied by local residents in between whiles has meant that the Green has never looked better than it has this year.  However there is still a huge amount of basic groundwork to be carried out over the next couple of years as well as general maintenance.  Please join us if you can.

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