We have received a copy of the following letter from Cllr Susan Wise, in her capacity as London Borough of Lewisham Appointed Trustee of the Albion Millennium Green Trust.   Continue reading

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Thanks to the 2014 Octobrists!

Another good 2nd Saturday volunteers’ session yesterday, focusing on getting out rubbish thrown over wall from adjoining industrial estate, which LB Lewisham will be clearing from the Albion Villas Road entrance shortly.

Bruno and Fran talk, Ann works

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AMG Workday 11th October

We have another workday coming up next Saturday 11th October 10.30-2.30.

We will be continuing the programme of work involving bramble clearing, rubbish removal, chainlink fence removal and seasonal tasks.  There is no need to bring any tools or gloves as we have a reasonable supply now.

The regular workdays, plus tender loving care applied by local residents in between whiles has meant that the Green has never looked better than it has this year.  However there is still a huge amount of basic groundwork to be carried out over the next couple of years as well as general maintenance.  Please join us if you can.

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Wood Chip Pile is Dispersed Around the Green


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Second Capital Clean up Day

Thanks for coming!

Digging up the chain link fence under the wall to the industrial estate.

P1030479 (Small)

Going on to clear path to abandoned armchair

P1030481 (Small)

And getting it out

P1030478 (Small)

Over the past seven years, Capital Clean-up’s helped thousands of Londoners spruce up their city, from tidying up nature reserves to removing litter from woods. This year Friends of Albion Millennium Green is taking part in the Capital Clean–Up scheme with several workdays to clear litter and remove large amounts of fallen and redundant chain link fencing and posts which have been overgrown and overladen with plant growth and rubbish. Throughout the summer we will continue bramble, weed tree and shrub clearance and restoration of existing overgrown shrubs and Albion Millennium Green is becoming known as a pleasant and peaceful area, but it still has a large unusable area due to the rubbish, broken down chainlink fencing and considerable overgrowth. The railway path which borders one side of the Green has been perceived long-term as a risky area but the environmental improvements are beginning to change both the appearance and the use of the path as well as the Green The Green was established in 2000 as part of the Millennium Greens scheme. The Friends of Albion Millennium Green group was established to develop and maintain the Green for the benefit of the community. Public events are held on the site for plant and environmental management purposes and for the local community especially local children.

About Capital Clean-up

Capital Clean-up is a partnership campaign led by the Mayor of London to help Londoners work together to spruce up their city. It is supported by McDonald’s and is part of the Mayor’s wider Team London volunteering programme.


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South London Botanical Institute Wildflower walk

We’ll be doing a Wildflower Walk on the Green this morning – all welcome to come.
Hopefully it won’t be raining again!

Meet at 10.30 in Forest Hill Pools cafe and walk to Green along railway path.

The Green was fairly wet and muddy when yesterday afternoon, so strong shoes needed.

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Wild Things On The Green

Saturday 10th May. Work Day.

Hemlock cleared from around Damson’s and Plums. One Sycamore branch removed. Some Bind-weed clearance. Nettles and Brambles buzzing with insects: Shield Bugs, Dragonfly, Butterflies.

Attendance at work day: 1, but hey, everyone needs a holiday.

Steve Grindlay passed through with a guided tour and I handed out 15 leaflets to the crowd.

IMG_0508 IMG_0510 IMG_0511 IMG_0514IMG_0506

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Spring Blossom on The Green’s Fruit Trees

Pear and Apple Blossom

2014-04-02 13.46.47 2014-04-10 13.05.24 2014-04-10 13.05.36

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Newt in the Pond of Albion Millennium Green

Video of Newt by Bruno Roubicek

Also showing growing tadpoles and water fleas. There area lot of water fleas but research suggests these are a good food source for tadpoles and newts and don’t pose a risk to either.

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Frog on the Green

Nursery pupils from Eliot Bank School found a young frog this morning, on their walk around the Green:

Common Frog, with Garden Snails

Common Frog, with Garden Snails

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